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Nicholas Macnutt


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An Introduction

Now I will type something of myself in here at the very bottom where good text should go. I've worked on this site for over a month attempting to bring to you the best of the internet as I see it. This comes with some risk of course and will not happen without a good stiff cup of coffee. Listening to songs and publishing artworks that no eyes will see. Still we press on like the good rats that we are. I have no cause to stop because the fight is out there waiting for us to challenge the hills and take the trenches. These holes won't dig themselves. I am eager to attempt this task with vigor. Why stop here?

We can go further and farther than any dream will allow for. Having a real ball in your hands makes your heart bounce and skip as it races inside you. Oh yes it is meant for us to hold in our hands. If this is the the way we are to be judged then let the words flow off our wrist. Don't hold back. Then suddenly when the meaning of it all becomes clear please share the wisdom with those you encounter. The road is long and the rocks are many under our feet.

Being gifted as a lover comes from something special inside our heart. Anyone can achieve it. Love displays itself in many ways that are hard to judge. Stay true to your feelings and the flowers of your life may grow. Watch for the growth and water all your gardens faithfully then hire another to clip down all your lawns. Don't let them tell you that you've spoken too much or that your ideas are too far away. That is all.

Play the sound

The great task as I see it

I guess I should start typing out what it is I intend to say in here so that you may better understand what I am about. I have the goal of uniting you into a group of people that exemplify the political struggle. I could go out and get a bite to eat which I very well might do but first I will continue to attempt at litigation for we are at war with ourselves every day as we persevere. For it is in this line of defense that we find ourselves in control of the facets of life that best alter our course. I contend that merely watching is not an option on the course that follows. I have not given up in my attempt to jokingly mislead you for it is you that obeys yourself and not I that commands you. Feel free to stop at any time and the ride will let you off but you'll still be in the struggle to balance the forces around you as they squirm.

Being a whole person takes time. It won't happen being abusive and it can't continue without hope for perception is hope since neither direction of movement abides. Am I being clear? I will be with you for a while in this escape from tyranny because I have a vested interest in it you might say. Or better said is that my shoes are in the mud and no amount of leaving will alter that. The best I can hope for is to wash them off faithfully like the good servant of the people that I am. Never under estimate the power within you to overcome the popcorn lines you are facing as you wait for your movie ticket to get ripped in half and it is designed to be ripped in half much in the same way that you are designed to be two in half but it does not have to happen without cause for we are in the line and waiting for our resolution.

Resolve to be the master of your own den because in this task is great certainty. It is in this place that calm hearts are formed. No one will enter without your key and none may stay without your hand in place on all that occurs. What I wish for you is to be whole in your standing. Life is with us in every form imaginable. The rest of the world may falter while some of them endure the agony of the race. Only you can make your home a happy place. What level of happy occurs is largely the product of good clean fun which must come at the expense of the planet for your home is made of wood and your fireplace is built of stone.

Play the sound

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