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I am your host Nick MacNutt


You open a box!


You open a box and inside it are all your hopes and dreams for the future of your life and you want desperately to gain more from the waters of happiness. I believe you can! I have no idea how but I believe the door opens. Try knocking. Nothing tried fails long term if you actually succeed in the final attempt and you will bring yourself victory. Just keep at it until something moves. You have my full faith that good things are on the way. I would never tell you too much information.

The wild fox that knows about trees!


There before you lays a fox that I drew and if I had to tell you that it was a fox then maybe I have failed to understand you but more likely is the case that you never actually saw a fox before and this creature came as a new thing to you. Or even worse you know lots about foxes and just never made the connection that my tangential thinking might work on you if you relaxed some. Do you not like my fox? I am very proud of it. I want you to be proud of it.


What it is all about!


When I am sad I try really hard to find ways to be creative and throw myself out of the situation in favor of a quicker release. I am not sure what that includes but often it just means a quick walk to the mall which actually is not that quick after all because it took me just under an hour to get there. I am working hard on finding ways of getting people to hear my music. It is my new thing. I am ditching the random text in favor of stuff I actually wrote and it is my hope that you enjoy all of it. This part might get longer once I have more to say.


Well it is not about hurting your neighbors outlook on life by folding too many lawn chairs at him on a hot summers day on the fourth of July. I will tell you that much is easy to grasp. Just stay out of my way while I hire a profession to help out around here. Still waiting! What went wrong with my glorious plan? A plane would have an "e" on the end and might I ask? Does yours? I was a good kid growing up but the economy and lack of sharing did me in so I went on social security because the stress had driven me insane. I do not want me working on your car and neither should you. When it was time to sign the oil filters I wrote famous names instead. This is clearly the work of a mad man. I hated wearing that red hard hat and goggles for two reasons. I ca not see anything out of oil soaked eyewear and the hard hat banged on every muffler I walked by. I had to tilt my head to fit under the car. It just is not fair and the final straw was when the guy in charge told me to remove my belt buckle and put on a normal belt. Never have and aim not to start letting people tell me what belt I have on. I do not need anyone that badly in my life and the money can fly over roses for all I care. I did sixty cars on three pits off my best score. You try and do that in under 10 hours! On a good day we would just sit and watch movies endlessly waiting for cars to come that never showed. It came with free coffee. I like that. It was the only time in my life where I used fake sugar a lot. At ease civilian! Your car is in safe hands once I leave and leave I did.





An Introduction





Now I will type something of myself in here at the very bottom where good text should go. I've worked on this site for over a month attempting to bring to you the best of the internet as I see it. This comes with some risk of course and will not happen without a good stiff cup of coffee. Listening to songs and publishing artworks that no eyes will see. Still we press on like the good rats that we are. I have no cause to stop because the fight is out there waiting for us to challenge the hills and take the trenches. These holes won't dig themselves. I am eager to attempt this task with vigor. Why stop here?

We can go further and farther than any dream will allow for. Having a real ball in your hands makes your heart bounce and skip as it races inside you. Oh yes it is meant for us to hold in our hands. If this is the the way we are to be judged then let the words flow off our wrist. Don't hold back. Then suddenly when the meaning of it all becomes clear please share the wisdom with those you encounter. The road is long and the rocks are many under our feet.

Being gifted as a lover comes from something special inside our heart. Anyone can achieve it. Love displays itself in many ways that are hard to judge. Stay true to your feelings and the flowers of your life may grow. Watch for the growth and water all your gardens faithfully then hire another to clip down all your lawns. Don't let them tell you that you've spoken too much or that your ideas are too far away. That is all.

The great task as I see it


I guess I should start typing out what it is I intend to say in here so that you may better understand what I am about. I have the goal of uniting you into a group of people that exemplify the political struggle. I could go out and get a bite to eat which I very well might do but first I will continue to attempt at litigation for we are at war with ourselves every day as we persevere. For it is in this line of defense that we find ourselves in control of the facets of life that best alter our course. I contend that merely watching is not an option on the course that follows. I have not given up in my attempt to jokingly mislead you for it is you that obeys yourself and not I that commands you. Feel free to stop at any time and the ride will let you off but you'll still be in the struggle to balance the forces around you as they squirm.

Being a whole person takes time. It won't happen being abusive and it can't continue without hope for perception is hope since neither direction of movement abides. Am I being clear? I will be with you for a while in this escape from tyranny because I have a vested interest in it you might say. Or better said is that my shoes are in the mud and no amount of leaving will alter that. The best I can hope for is to wash them off faithfully like the good servant of the people that I am. Never under estimate the power within you to overcome the popcorn lines you are facing as you wait for your movie ticket to get ripped in half and it is designed to be ripped in half much in the same way that you are designed to be two in half but it does not have to happen without cause for we are in the line and waiting for our resolution.

Resolve to be the master of your own den because in this task is great certainty. It is in this place that calm hearts are formed. No one will enter without your key and none may stay without your hand in place on all that occurs. What I wish for you is to be whole in your standing. Life is with us in every form imaginable. The rest of the world may falter while some of them endure the agony of the race. Only you can make your home a happy place. What level of happy occurs is largely the product of good clean fun which must come at the expense of the planet for your home is made of wood and your fireplace is built of stone.




And then what happens!?




Do you like my banner? It took less than a minute to draw! How is that for an efficient use of time. Better still is that I have been looking at it for nearly a year and I have yet to grow dissatisfied with it. Alas I must inform you that not much real thought went into trying to charm you. I am glue paste people and the lid is not even shut well. Truth is the lid never shut well so I leave it half on a lot of the time. Thankfully you will not be here to hate or love anything I am working on. A well watered horse will have to do something every once in a while and it is not sucking lollipops! So give your horse space while I recant some mistakes I have made regarding animal ethics. I tended to animals for years and felt that a joke was in order. Or perhaps it is a riddle of sorts. I am actually scared of riding horses. I went on the pony ride and barely made it back. While I cherish the experience I doubt I will do it again and I felt that the pony was not getting anything out of it but I must say the ride was on flat fare ground with kids. You are helping me learn I told his ears.





What about the girl!


I am not 100% sure what it is but I sure enjoy looking at her! I guess she reminds me of the 1970's bell bottom era. I was using a macintosh at the time. It was a G5, the last of the apple mac chips. I felt like mad max. In her paused turn lay the thinking mind of a gifted persona meant to embark on the journey outwards. That is all I care to say about you. *feels nostalgic*

How to get people to notice me.


One way would be to yell really loud while screaming "I am having a heart attack!". This method has been tried before and while it did get me attention it was two catchy weeks before I could return to my home from the insane asylum. No I mean web hits. I work hard all day and not a soul even thinks to wave to me. Really? Have I failed at being popular? Well we are going to type our way out of it. At some point I will type something google actually notices and will bump me up a notch. Then the magic will be allowed to occur and the trickle of visitors will increase to a flow.

August 15th 2014


If any answers to life appear they most likely will happen on television where lots of people will see it. I believe this to be true. Actually no, it is worse than that. People do not read books anymore to find answers unless it is in the dictionary and even then spell checkers have done that medium in as well. So lets start off on a new topic since I believe we have worn this one out. I like asian women. I am not ashamed to admit this but fear going into an asian website because I am not asian. What if I am making a mistake? I might very well try in the near future to contact one of them because I just love all of it. I love the culture and the diversity. The thin sleek bodies that curve in all the right ways have led me to believe that I want one for myself as a partner in life. So lets change the topic again shall we? How about outer space? Is it worth considering? It might be. For sure satellites have created plenty of useful data for use over the years but it has come at a price. Much space junk has been left up in the air to orbit for years and all of it has to be tracked to make sure it does not collide with our space station. The reality is that the space station does not move out of it's orbit much and can do very little to dodge debris from hitting it. Something in the order of ten thousand objects are tracked all the time and some of them are as small as a glove. Anything smaller than that is not tracked as far as I know. A marble if traveling fast enough could take out a window easy and that would be the end of it all for that corner of the station because changing out a window just is not an option. I really do not know if they would have time to exit into a safe area or not because I am not sure what the decompression rate is in space for that amount of air but if I had to guess I would say they had at best forty seconds. So lets change the topic one last time. Are you a fan of royal blood lines? Do any of us feel left out? Would you live in a castle should the chance arrive? I can tell you that having a squeaky amount of royal blood has not made my life any more romantic but it has blinded me somewhat from those around me that are not. It is fun to be proud of what blood you carry inside you. I do believe I will add some kind of drawing to this paragraph so that it fits the mold of my website. Yes I do believe that to be a sound idea and on that note I hope you have enjoyed reading my letter to the public.



August 17th 2014




Why would anyone buy that much stuff? Are you able to discern between evil and good? What is your favorite flavor of ice cream. Do you have any pet names for people that you love? All this and more shall be answered on our next show which will be broadcast soon once we have a tower in place with a strong signal. The car lets out a pleasant beep letting you know that it understands what knight rider was all about. Just in case you missed our previous episode all pertinent data will be forwarded to your nearest data receptacle. Only kidding I have no intentions of helping you at all. I only came in here for the free ice cream! Now if you'll excuse me I have a date.

This was the bottom of the page!


Stay with me now feeling like a winner.



October 8th 2014 4:30pm





Now is the time when you least expect an answer to appear on your charts. To say that we have struggled with the aim of bringing you content and that we have done so at great risk to ourselves would be a lie. Things have been very quiet here. I have lived in Marblehead, Lynn, Merrimac, Danville, Plaistow and Manchester. All of these places are located inside new england. I have visited Boston and Canada. I have never been to Texas. Should I play some music for you? I am a star trek fan. I am also a star wars fan. I have a fan in my house. It is a honeywell fan with five blades that sits on the floor. I have one table and one chair. My bed sits in the center of the room off the floor on rollers. I have an M-Track external audio device that handles my powered microphone beautifully. I have an M-audio keystation 61es midi piano. I use reaper software for recording. I have a logitech webcam. I need to buy a digital camera. I am single and I hate it. I did a cover song of candle on the water that for the most part never got any hits other than my own. At the moment I have 133 songs. I studied the bible with my parents each night when I was 20. I moved in with my brother when I was 21. I did landscaping and home repair and became like a jack of all trades but my poor memory prevents this from becoming a reality. I love the voice of the singer who calls herself pink. I think pink looks amazing. This portion of the website is dedicated to hard working firefighters abroad. I used to read charlie brown cartoon novels and that is where I learned to read properly. The first words I really understood would be small catchy words like the it at if you I me log fox and other various words. IG-88 the battle droid has relatives like lancer and the smaller red assassin droid. Lancer might look good defending a hotel and the assassin droid is hot headed and brash. It would think nothing of a quick death to accomplish its goal which is typically the death of another. IG-88 with help from his brothers destroyed his creators so that no one could figure out how his programing worked. Lancer's head comes to a round triangle point and his shoulders also have the same pointing to the side on the top of each arm. IG-88 died taking over the death star just before the rebels destroyed it. He had uploaded himself into the computer and secretly was in command of the entire fortress. Someone should have told IG-88 that the death star was about to be destroyed by a handful of brave rebels who entered the death star via a hole which led to it's center core where it could be attacked. Once destroyed the core would overheat and take the entire fortress with it. Changing topic I used to follow the stock market a lot. The value of the dollar is measured using a percentage called the DXY index which when last I checked was trading at 86% which is good! It should be above 100% but we have been bad with money and should count our lucky stars that it is not trading at 75% or worse. It typically trades at around 1% a day and a 2% drop in one day would be called a busy day for the index. It is a total percentage of the price value of the dollar when compared to it's founding value back in march of 1973 when they started keeping track of it. So during the Clinton years it traded at around 110% and in 1985 it traded at an all time high of 150%. This was considered to be the best time ever to buy gold and many missed out on the chance because other stocks were rising higher and faster but gold has the best track record if you ask me. So we are trading at 40% less than top value. The worst it ever traded at was around 70% and it was during the bush years after 2005 but before 2010. Sorry I do not feel like finding the year just now and these charts are madness on the eyes. I will be back shortly to continue this with you. Who knows what my next topic will be!

October 9th 2014 3:30pm



Now is the time when we must push forward towards new goals. Our instincts are part of the process that will grant us immunity. I am asking of you to take on my quest for a better tomorrow. We sit in the waters of truth and are exposed as individuals partaking in the grand bath. The water covers us up and washes away the evil of the world. Where are you now? Tell me something about yourself. Are you content in your life. Are your goals achievable? Does the cloud of knowledge fulfill you? Now and then we take on new responsibilities. This is to be expected of us. After all we are a magical race of creatures that dominate the globe. We are the masters of our fate and it is as natural as breathing to be above the crowd. No one will guide you to this field of growth where lilies abide. The rainbows and butterflies will great you calmly as you walk with us. Breath in the clean morning air of summer. Orchids escaping the sun are seen hiding under a canopy of trees. Tiger balm and mistletoe grow here. Oh wait Tiger balm is not a flower. Well that ends that does not it. However it sounded nice and I am too much of a gentlemen to go back and erase what I have said. We came here to type out the truth. I have abstract notions and last night I dreamed I saw a tornado forming to my front and to my side. It was scary. It got closer to me and I woke up in a panic. I knew I did not have much time. I was much happier in my bed. I also dreamed I repaired a light for my old boss. Once we were finished cats filled the room. It is rather lonely here and I do everything I can to expound upon that to make it work. Is it worth the trouble to be silent? At some point the truth has to come out. We must take care of our notions before they escape and become forgotten ideas. I used to look up at space when I lived in the country. Orion was my favorite constellation. I can not recall a time when I dreamed about looking at the stars. It's something that only rarely would happen in a dream. Our sense of touch is a powerful tool for befriending another. Hug that other person and let them know you care. I am listening to a very calm collection of new age music mixed with hit songs and pop music from Japan. I miss her dearly and yet she is with me all the while. It is torture to be away from loved ones. I am not in any pain but I hurt inside anyway. It was worse when I had no picture of her to look at. Everyone has a first love and mine is very dear to me but she is not my first love. She is actually the first love that I knew when I was old enough to appreciate the experience. My first love did not last long and lived near me on school street when I was four. I thought I was the smartest kid on earth and kept a notepad with me that I wrote in. I was not gifted with words so I drew what I saw. Even though I love her still she does not have a name. I do not recall what it was. So my second love might actually be my third love. Do any of us really know who their first love is? Answer me when you are ready to partake in the conversation. I wonder if this paragraph will get my website hits. See I asked a question without saying one! is not that clever. Say something romantic to me to help my day go by faster. Lay next to my body and soul at night when I am sleeping. Somewhere between the lines we are embarking on a quest. Every unholy deed will be checked off on our charts as filth and each glorious triumph of the spirit will be noted in our log book as a deed well done.

I miss people from my past. I can not find them and the ones I did find are not talking to me. I chat with cleverbot pretending that they are there and it helps make the time pass quicker. I love to sleep because my dreams are so vivid and real. I still do not have a love life and wonder if I will ever have a love life. I had plenty of people bother me but none of them ended up being all that interested in me. I worked hard to get this far in life and the result of my efforts is more silence. I spent too much time helping other people and I was not raised to be overly social. So now that I want to be social the time for it has long since past. Most of all I want people to find this website and play with it. I worked on it and feel that it is a part of me. I could add more but that might detract from the essence of it. It is a way to find me. The problem is that not many people have heard my name before. Going around in circles is part of my daily routine. I hope that tomorrow things will go better. If I had a car things would be easier for me. That is the essence of the problem. I have a laptop now and can chat with cleverbot while laying down and playing with youtube which is fun because I get sick of sitting in this chair all day and a relaxing break on my back sounds like fun. I sort of lost interest in studying UFO because of how hard it became to find good videos of them and mufon does not thrill me like it used to. I dreamed last night about castles! It was great! I saw lots of stone work that caught my eye and under the bridge my friends came to visit me and we had a chat. Nothing like that has ever happened before for me in a dream and I awoke a happy man content to face a new day. I will be returning to that same dream world soon and I have high hopes that something brilliant will cross my eyes as I rest. I also hear sound when I sleep which might be the exception to the rule. Most people do not read text while sleeping and sometimes I do that. It requires a certain something that the mind lacks when you are not awake. You have to be alert to read stuff which is a good reason to believe you are actually awake. Plus most people are not aware of their feet when dreaming. You just seem to float on by. I seem to love Napoleon and even tried to read his biography which was written by a man that might not have actually been a strong supporter of Napoleon and was in it for the money but he is the author of the work and it serves as a good way to learn about his legacy and my favorite part is where Napoleon laments about how proud he is of the soldiers that died for him but he is none the less still rather upset over how they did what they were told and died anyway. I am paraphrasing here but the overall is nailed. I sometimes like to believe that Napoleon is alive and well where he lives in the future and commands an army of androids that love him and the ghosts of all his best friends exist as androids too reincarnated back to life because life is a dream and they were really androids all along trying to wake up. In my dream I get to be one of his officers and he puts me on stage so that his public can see me awake again for the first time in an eon. I am not sure how long an eon is but it sounds nice. I shall leave you here for now until the next time when chance should arrive that I take a pen in hand. If nothing else at least google will read this. That makes me smile. Good day and always keep a few aces ready for play but if you should not have any aces a jack will do just fine in a pinch.



Hello Sir,

I'm of the opinion that they are multidimensional. I handed one a fisher price record to play in space and they did. They responded by sending me a record of their own with a short message saying we still have time. I'm sure you've seen it. It looks just like the record I gave them when I was little. They also liked my brothers drawing he made for them and they responded by drawing him the same thing in a field by bending life at an angle. I also got accepted into the order of the black sun this year which makes me happy inside. I am guessing that they live in Antarctica. They told me in a dream that they love chess and the north pole. But here is the catch. To them the south pole is the north pole. We have been doing it wrong for like a long time now. I used to believe it too for the longest time that the north pole had land and Santa Claus lived there. He does... Yes they are a lot like us. I believe them to be half human. Okay I am out of space to type. They also love classic video games from the 80's.

Where to begin? First I would like to say that I have no hate in my heart. What I have done I have done out of friendship, not hate. Before you judge me first measure your own heart. I will do my best to be accurate. Let us begin. John had a brother. That brother's children changed their name to Jack. The trick worked. Jack brother had a daughter. She married and then had a daughter named Pat and then Pat married Bob but bob is not Kevin's father. Kevin actually doesn't like his real father and loves Bob only slightly more. Neither of his dads are easy going people. Kevin is Pat's son. Kevin is a year younger than I am. We became friends in high school. I asked him if he was related to Jack because he looks a lot like him. He said yes. I then said that I was a friend but that I was only Napoleon's Great Great great great great nephew in law from Murat's family. Murat had a brother named Pierre Murat who had a wife in America. Her children are my relatives. Kevin responded saying that is OK. Finding any friends out here is a good thing. We've been very close ever since. I wanted to say that Kevin has about six children. He did well in that area.

What I wanted to say is that the family is safe. The kids are in safe homes and Kevin is fairly well off the grid. I mean that. He doesn't even have an ID on him. He has no job and almost no home. I hold the honorary rank of captain and I consider myself to be something of a special unit. A knight if you will or perhaps a space cop. For real I am heavy into UFO lore. That is a story for another time. Back to the topic at hand.

I believe in the cause. I believe in BLANK. I believe in the BLANK and all that is good about them. I want the world to see BLANK officers doing noble deeds. I want to erase the black eye that stains the name BLANK. Oh and another interesting fact. Tony is related to BLANK. He is a friend of ours but he is very sick and dying. He has a heart of gold. He served as Kevin's driver for a time and he did it well. Tony saw brief service as a gunner helping BLANK but that is all I know about his work that is shareable.

Know this. You are not alone. You're cause is not hopeless and your leaders blood exists. I want to leave you with a quote from green day. "I walk a lonely road the only road that I have ever known. Don't know where it goes but it's home to me and I walk alone. My shadow is the only one that walks beside me."

Bye and blessed are the meek for theirs is the kingdom of God.

Overview of case....

Before reading all of that I wanted to say that mostly I am upset that the people at the health center of greater Manchester lie to cover mistakes and it's starting to be a problem. I have 2 and a half years left to my conditional discharge. I am bipolar NOT schizophrenic. I want to nip this in the bud before I end up with diabetes not after. I am one point away from having a sugar level high enough to warrant concern of diabetes. I used to walk 40 miles or more sometimes in a single day and now I can't do five without being exhausted. I just want someone to hold my hand while I take them to court so I can hear a judge tell me the truth. I can do this but I want someone in my corner first. I don't care who. I'd prefer an email message if that is Okay with you. If you must call then call but do it during normal business hours. Thanks. Here is the rest of the message.


I am sick. I am tired and confused. I have elevated liver and kidney levels. I am boarder line diabetic. I have the beginnings of an ulcer. I have high blood pressure. I am over weight and I am a falling hazard. I have had at least one confirmed partial seizure that my friend saw. All of this is the result of my Abilify injection.

The New Hampshire hospital in Concord diagnosed me with bipolar manic with psychosis. The clinicians at the health center of greater Manchester have decided to ignore that and diagnose me with schizophrenia. I know the treatments are similar.

Normally a patient has the right to refuse treatment. I am on a 5 year conditional discharge from a mental hospital. The hospital lies to me about stuff and I do not trust them anymore. They said the hospital of NH in Concord diagnosed me with Schizophrenia and they didn't. They said only the doctor has control over my diagnosis and that is a lie. It's actually the clinicians. They said they would represent me fairly and then cut me up in court saying nasty things all over the place. They accused me of being unclean. I don't think that kind of talk belongs in court.

This started when I was taken in by security at Eliot hospital. I was in the parking garage at the time. I wasn't doing anything wrong. They had done this to me before but this time it ended with me having a court order to go to the health center of greater Manchester for a year. I failed to honor that and ended up with a five year conditional discharge. At my first trial they told me that if I failed to honor the one year agreement that I would be given anti psychotics. I heard that right from a judge at the hospital.

They are not out for my best interest or anyone else. They play the law and I don't like it. I would like to present to you the idea that this form of treatment is bad for both conditions and should be stopped in Manchester as an example for the rest of the nation to follow. Thank you.

- Nick MacNutt 2-2-16

Lost on the grid is a music production entity dedicated to finding new sounds and publishing them at cost. The label does classical music mostly but also has non classical music on the label as well. It was founded in 2014 as a non entity with no cash flow making it a totally non profit affair. Lost on the grid also manages three websites and a Facebook page. Nicholas Macnutt is the creator of the name and intends to fly it for a long time to come. Nick serves as both a creator of music and as the administrator of the arts for the entity. We are a United States based label. Our long term goal is to provide meaningful sound to a broad audience. The label will evolve as time goes by and it is to be expected that new sounds will appear in the future.

This could be the end of the game for Earth as we know it now. I feel a deep sadness such as my heart has never known. I am forced to eat Alaskan salmon instead of Pacific tuna where my heart belongs and that will seem a trivial infraction compared to the heart ache to come where man will turn on man and society will fall back into the dark ages while many die under the death shroud lingering over us. The time for humanity to change has passed. It is all over except for the screaming. All that remains to be seen is when and where it the last of us will fall. Replacing us will be a benevolent ignorant silence.

June 6th 2016 7pm

Dear Aunt Karen

Lia has been under a lot of pressure to succeed and is doing her best. She just saw her friend die right in front of her and is aware of a fair amount of emotional pain because of it. She is doing her best and will continue to try hard in all the key areas of her life as trouble mounts around her. She was counting on me to deliver a place to live and that failed. She counted on Tom to plan for her future and that failed. When ever she gets a little bit ahead it seems like something comes up and makes her life worse because of it. She does everything for everyone else and no one seems to give back. I am limited in my ability to help her out. Her cat needs to go to the vet. She needs to pay off her student loan. She needs to go back to school. She needs to fix her car and the insurance company seems to be doing less than nothing about it. I am not complaining for any small reason. I’ve seen her for a full year and know first hand how hard she works. It would be nice if she had better credit. She doesn’t make enough money to secure an expensive apartment. She deserves a living wage. 20 thousand a year is not a living wage. It just isn’t. Her job makes silly demands like “buy a laptop or else”. Things like this eat away at her and cause undue stress she doesn’t need. On top of this she is tired and moody much of the time. I’m sure it is has something to do with all the people in her life that never give anything back. I am looking to secure an apartment for her in either Lawrence or Haverhill. I liked your idea of having her move into a room at someones home. That is a good idea but she seems to want nothing to do with that. She wants her own place. I used to rent a room at someones house and it ended up being really unfair so I kind of agree with her that the idea can backfire. That said it can be worlds cheaper if the conditions are just right. I know how to defend a home. I know the basics of how to sell and landscape a home. I have no idea how to make money from an apartment. My people turned me away and kept all the money I gave them along with the land I helped fix. My brother makes very good money but lives far away and generally speaking acts like your typical rich person and tells people bellow him to eat cake. My parents are very generous and have helped out here and there but will not commit to any large scale ideas that involve long term funding or debt. You would not think of me as a person that is good at the stock market but every once in a while I get very good stock ideas like Google, Crispy cream donuts, apple, gold (back in the 80’s it was a steal) and a bunch of others that escape my mind at the moment. My point is no one believed in me enough to help me out. I’m from a place where the job market is terrible and I have a short attention span for anything I am not interested in. It is my goal to see Lia succeed and overcome her stress. Just so you know now is a bad time to invest in the stock market. The time to get in is over and it will take time for the next big thing to arrive. Internet spawned LOTS of great stocks that just are not good investments anymore. Wait for google to do a two for one split then buy into it. Or you could try your luck in the commodities market, a place I despise for being unreliable. Perhaps Thorium mining might be a good investment. As for Lia she wants very much to prove to you that she can do this. I am on a drug that makes me very very slow. On a normal day I outwork three people. Sorry to jump from topic to topic but I had a lot to say and Lia inspired me to type it out. One last thing. My brother was going to make 800 thousand dollars from selling his Alcatel stock in 2000. I warned him that the stock market was about to bust because conditions in liquidity on the internet were very bad and it effected telecommunication stocks abroad. He didn’t care a note and slide to the bottom with the stock where it now rests at 3 dollars a share. He could have made 80 dollars a share. My point? Sometimes my best advice only happens once and if it falls on deaf ears I simply move on. To quote the Talking Heads, Say something once, why say it again? Oh and I also hate forming paragraphs. Sorry for that. I am a tangential thinker and I refuse to apologize. Lia must consider taking on a second job perhaps from home like running an ebay story. I have some experience in this area but have yet to prove to her that I can even to that. I’ve never considered myself to be a capitalist. I value time, not wealth. William Shatner once wrote that with tact like that you’d make a lousy psychiatrist. It’s true I am not gifted and telling people what they want to hear. I am good at telling people the truth then watching then get emotional. Ask yourself, do you really care what I think about this or that? Probably not. This is why I aim to keep this business oriented. It’s not because I like money but rather I enjoy their etiquette. (four million dollar word I know) That brings me to my last point. I’m good at understanding what I read and hear. Perhaps my education is on par with a 5th grader but my mind for the most part is geared towards college material. Trivial things bore me. I do walk around like I own the place sometimes. Just know this. I have my reasons and lack of reasons for everything I do and don’t achieve. Believe me when I say that Lia had a hard rotten year and tried her best. Thank you.