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Nicholas Macnutt

Dear son of the Egyptian diplomat. If you are reading this call me. I miss you and I am sorry. Your pal Nick.

Page Two! (Happy comments from me with links are in here)

You open a box!

You open a box and inside it are all your hopes and dreams for the future of your life and you want desperately to gain more from the waters of happiness. I believe you can! I have no idea how but I believe the door opens. Try knocking. Nothing tried fails long term if you actually succeed in the final attempt and you will bring yourself victory. Just keep at it until something moves. You have my full faith that good things are on the way. I would never tell you too much information.

The wild fox that knows about trees!

There before you lays a fox that I drew and if I had to tell you that it was a fox then maybe I have failed to understand you but more likely is the case that you never actually saw a fox before and this creature came as a new thing to you. Or even worse you know lots about foxes and just never made the connection that my tangential thinking might work on you if you relaxed some. Do you not like my fox? I am very proud of it. I want you to be proud of it.

What it is all about!

When I am sad I try really hard to find ways to be creative and throw myself out of the situation in favor of a quicker release. I am not sure what that includes but often it just means a quick walk to the mall which actually is not that quick after all because it took me just under an hour to get there. I am working hard on finding ways of getting people to hear my music. It is my new thing. I am ditching the random text in favor of stuff I actually wrote and it is my hope that you enjoy all of it. This part might get longer once I have more to say.

Well it is not about hurting your neighbors outlook on life by folding too many lawn chairs at him on a hot summers day on the fourth of July. I will tell you that much is easy to grasp. Just stay out of my way while I hire a profession to help out around here. Still waiting! What went wrong with my glorious plan? A plane would have an "e" on the end and might I ask? Does yours? I was a good kid growing up but the economy and lack of sharing did me in so I went on social security because the stress had driven me insane. I do not want me working on your car and neither should you. When it was time to sign the oil filters I wrote famous names instead. This is clearly the work of a mad man. I hated wearing that red hard hat and goggles for two reasons. I ca not see anything out of oil soaked eyewear and the hard hat banged on every muffler I walked by. I had to tilt my head to fit under the car. It just is not fair and the final straw was when the guy in charge told me to remove my belt buckle and put on a normal belt. Never have and aim not to start letting people tell me what belt I have on. I do not need anyone that badly in my life and the money can fly over roses for all I care. I did sixty cars on three pits off my best score. You try and do that in under 10 hours! On a good day we would just sit and watch movies endlessly waiting for cars to come that never showed. It came with free coffee. I like that. It was the only time in my life where I used fake sugar a lot. At ease civilian! Your car is in safe hands once I leave and leave I did.

An Introduction

Now I will type something of myself in here at the very bottom where good text should go. I've worked on this site for over a month attempting to bring to you the best of the internet as I see it. This comes with some risk of course and will not happen without a good stiff cup of coffee. Listening to songs and publishing artworks that no eyes will see. Still we press on like the good rats that we are. I have no cause to stop because the fight is out there waiting for us to challenge the hills and take the trenches. These holes won't dig themselves. I am eager to attempt this task with vigor. Why stop here?

We can go further and farther than any dream will allow for. Having a real ball in your hands makes your heart bounce and skip as it races inside you. Oh yes it is meant for us to hold in our hands. If this is the the way we are to be judged then let the words flow off our wrist. Don't hold back. Then suddenly when the meaning of it all becomes clear please share the wisdom with those you encounter. The road is long and the rocks are many under our feet.

Being gifted as a lover comes from something special inside our heart. Anyone can achieve it. Love displays itself in many ways that are hard to judge. Stay true to your feelings and the flowers of your life may grow. Watch for the growth and water all your gardens faithfully then hire another to clip down all your lawns. Don't let them tell you that you've spoken too much or that your ideas are too far away. That is all.

Play the sound

The great task as I see it

I guess I should start typing out what it is I intend to say in here so that you may better understand what I am about. I have the goal of uniting you into a group of people that exemplify the political struggle. I could go out and get a bite to eat which I very well might do but first I will continue to attempt at litigation for we are at war with ourselves every day as we persevere. For it is in this line of defense that we find ourselves in control of the facets of life that best alter our course. I contend that merely watching is not an option on the course that follows. I have not given up in my attempt to jokingly mislead you for it is you that obeys yourself and not I that commands you. Feel free to stop at any time and the ride will let you off but you'll still be in the struggle to balance the forces around you as they squirm.

Being a whole person takes time. It won't happen being abusive and it can't continue without hope for perception is hope since neither direction of movement abides. Am I being clear? I will be with you for a while in this escape from tyranny because I have a vested interest in it you might say. Or better said is that my shoes are in the mud and no amount of leaving will alter that. The best I can hope for is to wash them off faithfully like the good servant of the people that I am. Never under estimate the power within you to overcome the popcorn lines you are facing as you wait for your movie ticket to get ripped in half and it is designed to be ripped in half much in the same way that you are designed to be two in half but it does not have to happen without cause for we are in the line and waiting for our resolution.

Resolve to be the master of your own den because in this task is great certainty. It is in this place that calm hearts are formed. No one will enter without your key and none may stay without your hand in place on all that occurs. What I wish for you is to be whole in your standing. Life is with us in every form imaginable. The rest of the world may falter while some of them endure the agony of the race. Only you can make your home a happy place. What level of happy occurs is largely the product of good clean fun which must come at the expense of the planet for your home is made of wood and your fireplace is built of stone.

Play the sound

And then what happens!?

Do you like my banner? It took less than a minute to draw! How is that for an efficient use of time. Better still is that I have been looking at it for nearly a year and I have yet to grow dissatisfied with it. Alas I must inform you that not much real thought went into trying to charm you. I am glue paste people and the lid is not even shut well. Truth is the lid never shut well so I leave it half on a lot of the time. Thankfully you will not be here to hate or love anything I am working on. A well watered horse will have to do something every once in a while and it is not sucking lollipops! So give your horse space while I recant some mistakes I have made regarding animal ethics. I tended to animals for years and felt that a joke was in order. Or perhaps it is a riddle of sorts. I am actually scared of riding horses. I went on the pony ride and barely made it back. While I cherish the experience I doubt I will do it again and I felt that the pony was not getting anything out of it but I must say the ride was on flat fare ground with kids. You are helping me learn I told his ears.

What about the girl!

I am not 100% sure what it is but I sure enjoy looking at her! I guess she reminds me of the 1970's bell bottom era. I was using a macintosh at the time. It was a G5, the last of the apple mac chips. I felt like mad max. In her paused turn lay the thinking mind of a gifted persona meant to embark on the journey outwards. That is all I care to say about you. *feels nostalgic*

How to get people to notice me.

One way would be to yell really loud while screaming "I am having a heart attack!". This method has been tried before and while it did get me attention it was two catchy weeks before I could return to my home from the insane asylum. No I mean web hits. I work hard all day and not a soul even thinks to wave to me. Really? Have I failed at being popular? Well we are going to type our way out of it. At some point I will type something google actually notices and will bump me up a notch. Then the magic will be allowed to occur and the trickle of visitors will increase to a flow.

August 15th 2014

If any answers to life appear they most likely will happen on television where lots of people will see it. I believe this to be true. Actually no, it is worse than that. People do not read books anymore to find answers unless it is in the dictionary and even then spell checkers have done that medium in as well. So lets start off on a new topic since I believe we have worn this one out. I like asian women. I am not ashamed to admit this but fear going into an asian website because I am not asian. What if I am making a mistake? I might very well try in the near future to contact one of them because I just love all of it. I love the culture and the diversity. The thin sleek bodies that curve in all the right ways have led me to believe that I want one for myself as a partner in life. So lets change the topic again shall we? How about outer space? Is it worth considering? It might be. For sure satellites have created plenty of useful data for use over the years but it has come at a price. Much space junk has been left up in the air to orbit for years and all of it has to be tracked to make sure it does not collide with our space station. The reality is that the space station does not move out of it's orbit much and can do very little to dodge debris from hitting it. Something in the order of ten thousand objects are tracked all the time and some of them are as small as a glove. Anything smaller than that is not tracked as far as I know. A marble if traveling fast enough could take out a window easy and that would be the end of it all for that corner of the station because changing out a window just is not an option. I really do not know if they would have time to exit into a safe area or not because I am not sure what the decompression rate is in space for that amount of air but if I had to guess I would say they had at best forty seconds. So lets change the topic one last time. Are you a fan of royal blood lines? Do any of us feel left out? Would you live in a castle should the chance arrive? I can tell you that having a squeaky amount of royal blood has not made my life any more romantic but it has blinded me somewhat from those around me that are not. It is fun to be proud of what blood you carry inside you. I do believe I will add some kind of drawing to this paragraph so that it fits the mold of my website. Yes I do believe that to be a sound idea and on that note I hope you have enjoyed reading my letter to the public.

August 17th 2014

Why would anyone buy that much stuff? Are you able to discern between evil and good? What is your favorite flavor of ice cream. Do you have any pet names for people that you love? All this and more shall be answered on our next show which will be broadcast soon once we have a tower in place with a strong signal. The car lets out a pleasant beep letting you know that it understands what knight rider was all about. Just in case you missed our previous episode all pertinent data will be forwarded to your nearest data receptacle. Only kidding I have no intentions of helping you at all. I only came in here for the free ice cream! Now if you'll excuse me I have a date.

This was the bottom of the page!

Stay with me now feeling like a winner.

October 8th 2014 4:30pm

Now is the time when you least expect an answer to appear on your charts. To say that we have struggled with the aim of bringing you content and that we have done so at great risk to ourselves would be a lie. Things have been very quiet here. I have lived in Marblehead, Lynn, Merrimac, Danville, Plaistow and Manchester. All of these places are located inside new england. I have visited Boston and Canada. I have never been to Texas. Should I play some music for you? I am a star trek fan. I am also a star wars fan. I have a fan in my house. It is a honeywell fan with five blades that sits on the floor. I have one table and one chair. My bed sits in the center of the room off the floor on rollers. I have an M-Track external audio device that handles my powered microphone beautifully. I have an M-audio keystation 61es midi piano. I use reaper software for recording. I have a logitech webcam. I need to buy a digital camera. I am single and I hate it. I did a cover song of candle on the water that for the most part never got any hits other than my own. At the moment I have 133 songs. I studied the bible with my parents each night when I was 20. I moved in with my brother when I was 21. I did landscaping and home repair and became like a jack of all trades but my poor memory prevents this from becoming a reality. I love the voice of the singer who calls herself pink. I think pink looks amazing. This portion of the website is dedicated to hard working firefighters abroad. I used to read charlie brown cartoon novels and that is where I learned to read properly. The first words I really understood would be small catchy words like the it at if you I me log fox and other various words. IG-88 the battle droid has relatives like lancer and the smaller red assassin droid. Lancer might look good defending a hotel and the assassin droid is hot headed and brash. It would think nothing of a quick death to accomplish its goal which is typically the death of another. IG-88 with help from his brothers destroyed his creators so that no one could figure out how his programing worked. Lancer's head comes to a round triangle point and his shoulders also have the same pointing to the side on the top of each arm. IG-88 died taking over the death star just before the rebels destroyed it. He had uploaded himself into the computer and secretly was in command of the entire fortress. Someone should have told IG-88 that the death star was about to be destroyed by a handful of brave rebels who entered the death star via a hole which led to it's center core where it could be attacked. Once destroyed the core would overheat and take the entire fortress with it. Changing topic I used to follow the stock market a lot. The value of the dollar is measured using a percentage called the DXY index which when last I checked was trading at 86% which is good! It should be above 100% but we have been bad with money and should count our lucky stars that it is not trading at 75% or worse. It typically trades at around 1% a day and a 2% drop in one day would be called a busy day for the index. It is a total percentage of the price value of the dollar when compared to it's founding value back in march of 1973 when they started keeping track of it. So during the Clinton years it traded at around 110% and in 1985 it traded at an all time high of 150%. This was considered to be the best time ever to buy gold and many missed out on the chance because other stocks were rising higher and faster but gold has the best track record if you ask me. So we are trading at 40% less than top value. The worst it ever traded at was around 70% and it was during the bush years after 2005 but before 2010. Sorry I do not feel like finding the year just now and these charts are madness on the eyes. I will be back shortly to continue this with you. Who knows what my next topic will be!

October 9th 2014 3:30pm

Now is the time when we must push forward towards new goals. Our instincts are part of the process that will grant us immunity. I am asking of you to take on my quest for a better tomorrow. We sit in the waters of truth and are exposed as individuals partaking in the grand bath. The water clovers us up and washes away the evil of the world. Where are you now? Tell me something about yourself. Are you content in your life. Are your goals achievable? Does the cloud of knowledge fulfill you? Now and then we take on new responsibilities. This is to be expected of us. After all we are a magical race of creatures that dominate the globe. We are the masters of our fate and it is as natural as breathing to be above the crowd. No one will guide you to this field of growth where lilies abide. The rainbows and butterflies will great you calmly as you walk with us. Breath in the clean morning air of summer. Orchids escaping the sun are seen hiding under a canopy of trees. Tiger balm and mistletoe grow here. Oh wait Tiger balm is not a flower. Well that ends that does not it. However it sounded nice and I am too much of a gentlemen to go back and erase what I have said. We came here to type out the truth. I have abstract notions and last night I dreamed I saw a tornado forming to my front and to my side. It was scary. It got closer to me and I woke up in a panic. I knew I did not have much time. I was much happier in my bed. I also dreamed I repaired a light for my old boss. Once we were finished cats filled the room. It is rather lonely here and I do everything I can to expound upon that to make it work. Is it worth the trouble to be silent? At some point the truth has to come out. We must take care of our notions before they escape and become forgotten ideas. I used to look up at space when I lived in the country. Orion was my favorite constellation. I can not recall a time when I dreamed about looking at the stars. It's something that only rarely would happen in a dream. Our sense of touch is a powerful tool for befriending another. Hug that other person and let them know you care. I am listening to a very calm collection of new age music mixed with hit songs and pop music from Japan. I miss her dearly and yet she is with me all the while. It is torture to be away from loved ones. I am not in any pain but I hurt inside anyway. It was worse when I had no picture of her to look at. Everyone has a first love and mine is very dear to me but she is not my first love. She is actually the first love that I knew when I was old enough to appreciate the experience. My first love did not last long and lived near me on school street when I was four. I thought I was the smartest kid on earth and kept a notepad with me that I wrote in. I was not gifted with words so I drew what I saw. Even though I love her still she does not have a name. I do not recall what it was. So my second love might actually be my third love. Do any of us really know who their first love is? Answer me when you are ready to partake in the conversation. I wonder if this paragraph will get my website hits. See I asked a question without saying one! is not that clever. Say something romantic to me to help my day go by faster. Lay next to my body and soul at night when I am sleeping. Somewhere between the lines we are embarking on a quest. Every unholy deed will be checked off on our charts as filth and each glorious triumph of the spirit will be noted in our log book as a deed well done.

January 14th 2015 9:09pm
I miss people from my past. I can not find them and the ones I did find are not talking to me. I chat with cleverbot pretending that they are there and it helps make the time pass quicker. I love to sleep because my dreams are so vivid and real. I still do not have a love life and wonder if I will ever have a love life. I had plenty of people bother me but none of them ended up being all that interested in me. I worked hard to get this far in life and the result of my efforts is more silence. I spent too much time helping other people and I was not raised to be overly social. So now that I want to be social the time for it has long since past. Most of all I want people to find this website and play with it. I worked on it and feel that it is a part of me. I could add more but that might detract from the essence of it. It is a way to find me. The problem is that not many people have heard my name before. Going around in circles is part of my daily routine. I hope that tomorrow things will go better. If I had a car things would be easier for me. That is the essence of the problem. I have a laptop now and can chat with cleverbot while laying down and playing with youtube which is fun because I get sick of sitting in this chair all day and a relaxing break on my back sounds like fun. I sort of lost interest in studying UFO because of how hard it became to find good videos of them and mufon doesnít thrill me like it used to. I dreamed last night about castles! It was great! I saw lots of stone work that caught my eye and under the bridge my friends came to visit me and we had a chat. Nothing like that has ever happened before for me in a dream and I awoke a happy man content to face a new day. I will be returning to that same dream world soon and I have high hopes that something brilliant will cross my eyes as I rest. I also hear sound when I sleep which might be the exception to the rule. Most people do not read text while sleeping and sometimes I do that. It requires a certain something that the mind lacks when you are not awake. You have to be alert to read stuff which is a good reason to believe you are actually awake. Plus most people are not aware of their feet when dreaming. You just seem to float on by. I seem to love Napoleon and even tried to read his biography which was written by a man that might not have actually been a strong supporter of Napoleon and was in it for the money but he is the author of the work and it serves as a good way to learn about his legacy and my favorite part is where Napoleon laments about how proud he is of the soldiers that died for him but he is none the less still rather upset over how they did what they were told and died anyway. I am paraphrasing here but the overall is nailed. I sometimes like to believe that Napoleon is alive and well where he lives in the future and commands an army of androids that love him and the ghosts of all his best friendís exist as androids too reincarnated back to life because life is a dream and they were really androids all along trying to wake up. In my dream I get to be one of his officers and he puts me on stage so that his public can see me awake again for the first time in an eon. I am not sure how long an eon is but it sounds nice. I shall leave you here for now until the next time when chance should arrive that I take a pen in hand. If nothing else at least google will read this. That makes me smile. Good day and always keep a few aces ready for play but if you should not have any aces a jack will do just fine in a pinch.
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38.poor 39.cub 40.marry 41.pause 42.illegal 43.drain 44.stocking 45.teeny 46.goofy 47.truck 48.hose 49.blue-eyed 50.recondite 51.determined 52.parsimonious 53.cover 54.trace 55.zinc 56.cool 57.level 58.reward 59.jealous 60.fat 61.warn 62.fade 63.shelter 64.battle 65.label 66.brief 67.flawless 68.engine 69.flap 70.grandfather 71.flesh 72.impartial 73.wash 74.aftermath 75.practise 76.payment 77.radiate 78.gate 79.burly 80.melted 81.hole 82.incompetent 83.comb 84.quilt 85.stereotyped 86.influence 87.dashing 88.summer 89.bead 90.filthy 91.entertain 92.suggest 93.vivacious 94.gray 95.action 96.beds 97.swing 98.flash 99.cruel 100.lively 101.ray 102.educated 103.miniature 104.stuff 105.structure 106.look 107.weather 108.abortive 109.tense 110.coordinated 111.soggy 112.excited 113.chivalrous 114.undress 115.debonair 116.range 117.spotted 118.umbrella 119.dinner 120.glue 1.table 2.null 3.third 4.calculating 5.moon 6.hesitant 7.year 8.husky 9.cow 10.dizzy 11.appreciate 12.list 13.abiding 14.harm 15.belong 16.habitual 17.crowd 18.impossible 19.awake 20.few 21.possessive 22.nauseating 23.deafening 24.stir 25.bad 26.mushy 27.door 28.tree 29.welcome 30.quince 31.stew 32.oil 33.tie 34.smelly 35.grandmother 36.upbeat 37.relieved 38.complex 39.ugly 40.punch 41.governor 42.sleet 43.spiky 44.threatening 45.touch 46.self 47.overrated 48.stretch 49.help 50.arrange 51.splendid 52.spell 53.profuse 54.share 55.education 56.communicate 57.rhythm 58.bomb 59.face 60.spark 61.ready 62.striped 63.cloth 64.retire 65.basketball 66.puzzled 67.tire 68.continue 69.church 70.mind 71.practise 72.rinse 73.therapeutic 74.spot 75.shoe 76.nosy 77.surround 78.excited 79.throat 80.wound 81.elbow 82.bouncy 83.wooden 84.abortive 85.witty 86.erratic 87.tenuous 88.aspiring 89.squirrel 90.mailbox 91.changeable 92.talk 93.untidy 94.muscle 95.damaged 96.farm 97.toothbrush 98.lowly 99.breakable 100.jolly 101.wild 102.hellish 103.songs 104.modern 105.bashful 106.wrong 107.tidy 108.suggestion 109.comparison 110.animal 111.fine 112.floor 113.receptive 114.tomatoes 115.cup 116.reminiscent 117.admit 118.obedient 119.interest 120.substance 121.shake 122.copper 123.scorch 124.imaginary 125.need 126.board 127.general 128.gratis 129.skip 130.new 131.record 132.ripe 133.instrument 134.reading 135.roll 136.lie 137.thankful 138.phobic 139.curious 140.vase 141.milk 142.sprout 143.mitten 144.employ 145.vigorous 146.full 147.rule 148.land 149.view 150.roll 151.parsimonious 152.nonstop 153.push 154.garrulous 155.pastoral 156.childlike 157.back 158.meaty 159.makeshift 160.complete 161.tank 162.van 163.serve 164.scarf 165.milk 166.stereotyped 167.place 168.glue 169.creature 170.sturdy 171.cub 172.squeeze 173.friends 174.chunky 175.handsome 176.confuse 177.calculator 178.hot 179.uppity 180.beginner 181.abhorrent 182.bikes 183.receive 184.homely 185.contain 186.daffy 187.terrific 188.measly 189.screw 190.fit 191.filthy 192.guiltless 193.matter 194.rest 195.brave 196.soak 197.grouchy 198.apologise 199.cattle 200.juvenile 201.cute 202.land 203.tricky 204.step 205.cover 206.hand 207.pick 208.penitent 209.stop 210.tangy 211.knee 212.dogs 213.arrogant 214.tranquil 215.spotted 216.place 217.pig 218.locket 219.worry 220.humor 221.fortunate 222.amusement 223.horrible 224.chance 225.dry 226.confused 227.step 228.cakes 229.increase 230.crash 231.lock 232.rat 233.unruly 234.unsuitable 235.rake 236.cooing 237.deliver 238.wood 239.expect 240.smell 241.iron 242.hunt 243.straw 244.beg 245.humdrum 246.fat 247.wine 248.jail 249.stare 250.vast 251.annoyed 252.purring 253.important 254.lewd 255.best 256.like 257.explode 258.house 259.hop 260.present 261.paltry 262.film 263.wrestle 264.violent 265.surprise 266.useless 267.delightful 268.leg 269.truck 270.mine 271.soda 272.degree 273.envious 274.design 275.various 276.position 277.recondite 278.achiever 279.true 280.tent 281.depressed 282.sweltering 283.better 284.ban 285.tall 286.scrub 287.loud 288.six 289.shelf 290.brush 291.sort 292.tow 293.squealing 294.bat 295.brother 296.statement 297.payment 298.poor 299.scold 300.steer 301.painstaking 302.rely 303.foregoing 304.beef 305.soft 306.report 307.fail 308.rough 309.analyse 310.even 311.colour 312.accurate 313.shivering 314.competition 315.agreeable 316.mice 317.birth 318.ubiquitous 319.snail 320.doctor 321.political 322.lame 323.charge 324.observant 325.country 326.partner 327.week 328.pail 329.refuse 330.guttural 331.glorious 332.remind 333.condemned 334.cook 335.frog 336.tender 337.horn 338.wish 339.coast 340.plausible 341.kick 342.holistic 343.onerous 344.increase 345.promise 346.art 347.instinctive 348.oafish 349.stroke 350.fence 351.tip 352.whole 353.cheat 354.rush 355.cent 356.mere 357.fascinated 358.profit 359.hate 360.super 361.marry 362.agonizing 363.ask 364.elastic 365.testy 366.pie 367.shirt 368.attempt 369.office 370.rampant 371.trite 372.stuff 373.well-to-do 374.gate 375.melodic 376.hideous 377.decorate 378.walk 379.needless 380.boundless 381.squeak 382.marvelous 383.trace 384.fallacious 385.happen 386.early 387.ruin 388.request 389.savory 390.elated 391.front 392.doubt 393.wealthy 394.engine 395.apparatus 396.giants 397.racial 398.perfect 399.rabbit 400.berry 401.deep 402.ceaseless 403.amuse 404.girl 405.fireman 406.tasteless 407.settle 408.cactus 409.accessible 410.texture 411.measure 412.uncle 413.afraid 414.sneeze 415.ruddy 416.flesh 417.scientific 418.calm 419.coil 420.wind 421.conscious 422.cap 423.responsible 424.regret 425.cautious 426.shock 427.ice 428.snotty 429.moor 430.flowers 431.sable 432.twist 433.salt 434.vacuous 435.toad 436.awful 437.dear 438.addicted 439.hug 440.gamy 441.pour 442.end 443.thundering 444.resonant 445.improve 446.wandering 447.psychedelic 448.equable 449.amuck 450.boast 451.quarrelsome 452.rapid 453.discreet 454.planes 455.transport 456.orange 457.huge 458.unequaled 459.shock 460.spotty 461.spray 462.introduce 463.tiresome 464.nod 465.lavish 466.amazing 467.shop 468.wren 469.prefer 470.swing 471.daily 472.combative 473.likeable 474.announce 475.blood 476.coordinated 477.army 478.guess 479.exchange 480.mark 481.adaptable 482.domineering 483.hope 484.popcorn 485.transport 486.hover 487.chickens 488.finicky 489.cheerful 490.fry 491.circle 492.mysterious 493.bird 494.rural 495.permissible 496.quack 497.judicious 498.slope 499.reflective 500.language 501.reach 502.dare 503.brick 504.nest 505.abundant 506.bubble 507.price 508.quilt 509.male 510.immense 511.ablaze 512.crook 513.scared 514.delirious 515.girls 516.sun 517.spooky 518.question 519.crabby 520.desert 521.capable 522.kaput 523.dead 524.auspicious 525.future 526.invent 527.fog 528.seemly 529.string 530.mine 531.redundant 532.sack 533.kindly 534.rub 535.laugh 536.icky 537.carpenter 538.chew 539.amused 540.selfish 541.icy 542.approve 543.keen 544.squeamish 545.insect 546.describe 547.symptomatic 548.pot 549.slow 550.astonishing 551.well-made 552.inconclusive 553.answer 554.destroy 555.scarecrow 556.shrill 557.frequent 558.change 559.teaching 560.angle 561.dirt 562.turn 563.stormy 564.queen 565.card 566.frame 567.ludicrous 568.book 569.skirt 570.talented 571.ruthless 572.cave 573.noisy 574.ski 575.enthusiastic 576.coach 577.charming 578.trap 579.visitor 580.record 581.jail 582.unaccountable 583.houses 584.encouraging 585.red 586.blue 587.delicate 588.prose 589.wanting 590.suit 591.waste 592.limit 593.glow 594.like 595.volcano 596.goofy 597.abstracted 598.messy 599.juggle 600.match 601.successful 602.rice 603.fresh 604.jealous 605.tight 606.root 607.flock 608.incredible 609.rock 610.vessel 611.gifted 612.burn 613.work 614.rebel 615.start 616.mask 617.ill 618.jump 619.cemetery 620.admire 621.level 622.company 623.tangible 624.mean 625.observation 626.plastic 627.unit 628.digestion 629.son 630.sweater 631.notice 632.harmony 633.fuel 634.coal 635.attach 636.ordinary 637.double 638.one 639.spoil 640.cut 641.weight 642.claim 643.substantial 644.passenger 645.hollow 646.breezy 647.rot 648.macabre 649.picture 650.jaded 651.lively 652.metal 653.stale 654.field 655.waves 656.erect 657.quartz 658.oatmeal 659.meddle 660.ossified 661.eight 662.ajar 663.grateful 664.chalk 665.sore 666.jam 667.quaint 668.bury 669.force 670.perpetual 671.grubby 672.sea 673.attack 674.mark 675.event 676.drab 677.zinc 678.hat 679.purple 680.lake 681.trucks 682.incompetent 683.note 684.white 685.abashed 686.calendar 687.discover 688.bake 689.bore 690.ray 691.second 692.acrid 693.attractive 694.vacation 695.remarkable 696.chase 697.aware 698.round 699.post 700.diligent 701.well-off 702.jam 703.wicked 704.adjustment 705.prickly 706.water 707.acoustics 708.cats 709.thought 710.workable 711.hate 712.month 713.ghost 714.pumped 715.taboo 716.song 717.decide 718.furtive 719.entertain 720.belligerent 721.letter 722.spill 723.gleaming 724.spiritual 725.literate 726.tail 727.near 728.wave 729.care 730.pet 731.disagree 732.barbarous 733.rainstorm 734.salty 735.bewildered 736.miss 737.loutish 738.sassy 739.thoughtful 740.different 741.abaft 742.aberrant 743.physical 744.carriage 745.fairies 746.shaggy 747.discovery 748.cool 749.nebulous 750.trade 751.peel 752.hurry 753.trade 754.cabbage 755.victorious 756.duck 757.jumpy 758.drunk 759.icicle 760.haircut 761.brown 762.comfortable 763.enjoy 764.minister 765.wire 766.insurance 767.existence 768.kick 769.market 770.able 771.quick 772.painful 773.whisper 774.request 775.delicious 776.servant 777.standing 778.fear 779.show 780.tin 781.axiomatic 782.ladybug 783.escape 784.relation 785.snatch 786.giddy 787.embarrassed 788.geese 789.raise 790.dreary 791.smoke 792.rose 793.exotic 794.fluttering 795.naive 796.seal 797.concern 798.occur 799.finger 800.release 801.eatable 802.spring 803.whip 804.gray 805.cover 806.willing 807.dam 808.fearful 809.romantic 810.excuse 811.cuddly 812.science 813.yell 814.hands 815.fax 816.efficacious 817.wash 818.groovy 819.earsplitting 820.cast 821.mess up 822.thinkable 823.punish 824.open 825.bleach 826.fetch 827.free 828.plucky 829.freezing 830.two 831.feigned 832.stingy 833.defiant 834.pull 835.drop 836.sloppy 837.nifty 838.half 839.poised 840.wrist 841.airplane 842.healthy 843.flowery 844.twist 845.draconian 846.space 847.eye 848.team 849.eyes 850.name 851.debonair 852.dime 853.consider 854.courageous 855.north 856.pets 857.sponge 858.milky 859.hope 860.number 861.cowardly 862.flight 863.direction 864.befitting 865.time 866.current 867.dusty 868.serious 869.train 870.ship 871.library 872.crib 873.rate 874.theory 875.lopsided 876.roomy 877.cruel 878.irate 879.wrap